Bohemian Flower Child Prom Inspiration

I think everyone has a secret fantasy of being a bohemian flower child. I know I do! Having that effortless beauty is something I strived for in high school, especially when it came to prom. So we have created this awesome prom 2016 inspiration to help you achieve this look with little effort!           The DRESS Style 4743 is the perfect flower child dress. If I could, I would go frolic around an […]

Vintage Inspired Prom Looks

Vintage inspired prom, clarisse

Vintage Inspired Prom Looks: For prom 2016, try looking to the past! Do you love watching period movies or TV shows? Are you obsessed with scoring awesome vintage pieces? Do you wish you lived in a different era? Even if you don’t, looking to the past will always reveal a treasure trove of style inspiration. Each decade has its own unique trends, so you’re sure to find a vintage prom dress that suits your own personal tastes. And […]

Beachy Bohemian Goddess Prom Inspiration

Looking like a beachy bohemian goddess has probably been my dream since I was a little girl. It reminds me of effortless beauty, the smell of sunscreen, and sea salt hair. If you are just like me, then being able to achieve this look for prom is literally a dream come true and this pom inspo is right up your alley.       Beachy Bohemian Goddess Dress: When i first saw style 2789 from the […]

6 Tips to Get Clearer Skin for Prom!

6 Tips to Get Clearer Skin for Prom! It is #MakeupMondy and we have some awesome skin clearing tips for your below! Do you ever get so stressed out near an event that you break out? We’ve all been there! That’s why we put together these amazing tips for clearer skin! This can work for everyday care or just when you’re feeling stressed out close to an important event {aka Prom}. Remove Your Makeup With a […]

The Perfect Prom Dress for Every Body Type


The Perfect Prom Dress for Every Body Type: Finding that perfect prom dress can be tough. It’s not always easy knowing what your body type is going to look good in, especially if you don’t wear a evening gown on a daily basis. But, that’s why we’re here to help you navigate all the different styles there are to choose from. Hour glass: The last, but not least, dress is for our curvy girls This Clarisse […]