Bright and Bold Mermaid Prom Inspiration

Bright and Bold Mermaid Prom

Everyone knows that prom is all about the dress. Whether you go for the boho, classic, bright, or simple style, the dress is one of the most important thing that helps make this night so special. We girls can search for months to find the perfect dress, trust me, I know from experience. This bright and bold mermaid promspiration post is for those girls who want to be bright, bold and the center of attention during prom.






Lets start off with the most important part, the DRESS. Style 2750 from the Clarisse Spring 2016 collection is sure to be a show stopper. This bright and bold mermaid style dress is not only a vibrant bright royal blue and eye catching, but the mermaid shape with a high slit helps accentuate your curves. The tiers at the bottom of the dress also add a dramatic look that will definitely capture the spotlight and your dates attention! This stunning dress also comes in a beautiful bright magenta as well. Honestly, this dress is so amazing, I would wear it to class everyday if I could!


The second most important aspect of your prom look is the SHOES. In this inspiration board, we decided to go with a pair of ankle strap, magenta heels. This contrast in colors really brings out the royal blue in the dress, and definitely adds an unexpected twist. This color combo is one of my favorites and being able to transition it into prom makes it 100 times better.


You can’t forget about the ACCESSORIES! I find that many girls underestimate the power of a good accessories combination. It can really add that final touch to a perfect prom look. We decided to stick with all silver pieces for this look, but also nothing too bold and drastic, for we want to keep most of the attention on the you and the dress. We paired style 2750 with some statement studs, similar to this pair. We also threw in a stunning silver chain arm band, for a little extra something, check this one out. Lastly, we added a statement cocktail ring, we LOVE  this one!


The final touch to any prom look: the MAKEUP! Having good makeup can make or break your prom look. You want to still look natural, but you also want to look 10,000 times better than what you look like everyday. Having a good balance is key and knowing what works and doesn’t work for you is important. We decided to stick with our bright and bold trend by adding a bold berry lip color, like this one.  With choosing a bold lip, we choose a neutral eye shadow palette, like the very popular Naked 3. You don’t want to over do it in the makeup area, so its best to choose either the eye or the lip to accentuate.

There you have it lovies! An awesome prom inspiration board for anyone who loves the bold and bright mermaid look for prom. Style 2750 is perfect if you are going for this look and it’s pretty to look at :) Do you like style 2750? Would you wear this prom combo? Let us know in the comments below!



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