Golden Boho Goddess Prom Inspiration

Golden Boho Goddess Prom: Ever wanted to be a golden boho goddess? Yeah, get in line girl. Prom 2016 is coming up though and that gives you a perfect excuse to get all dresses up in whatever style you want.  Keep reading to get some awesome inspiration for a golden boho goddess prom look <3       The DRESS Style 2725 is a stunning and unique dress that would be perfect for achieving the golden […]

The Perfect Prom Hairstyle for Your Dream Dress

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The Perfect Prom Hairstyle: So, you bought your dream dress, and the perfect jewelry and shoes to go with it, but there is still one last decision you have to make…how are you going to do your hair? Up-do, down, half up half down, side braid, high pony tail, bun, etc. There are so many different prom hairstyle options and choosing the wrong hairstyle could completely take away the attention from you and your beautiful […]

Prom Tips Series: #2

Prom Tips Series

Prom Tips: Hey Beauties!! It is time for our second post in the prom tips series! Here are 5 more essential prom tips that will help you get through the day and night without any problems! #1 Break in your heels before wearing them This is so very important! Having blisters for prom is the absolute worst! Avoid this sticky situation by breaking in your heels before wearing them. Below are a few tips that […]

Prom Makeup Dupes: Splurge vs Steal

Well, beauties, it’s that time we have all been waiting for!! Prom is ALMOST here for some and already here for others! That means it’s time to start thinking about your prom makeup! This is the best part in my opinion 😉 Now I don’t know if you’re anything like us ladies at Clarisse; but we LOVE watching makeup tutorials on Youtube. Normal people binge watch Netflix, we binge watch Nicol Concilio and Jaclyn Hill.  In today’s post, we […]

Elegant Bohemian Prom Inspiration

Elegant Bohemian Prom: Prom is approaching faster than ever this year. With the 500 million different things us girls have to meticulously plan for this special night, it can get a little bit overwhelming! You have to remember the hair, makeup, nails, shoes, accessories, perfume, etc. We have all been in that exact position, and that is why we have created this elegant bohemian prom inspo for all you boho goddesses out there!     DRESS: […]

Bright and Bold Mermaid Prom Inspiration

Bright and Bold Mermaid Prom Everyone knows that prom is all about the dress. Whether you go for the boho, classic, bright, or simple style, the dress is one of the most important thing that helps make this night so special. We girls can search for months to find the perfect dress, trust me, I know from experience. This bright and bold mermaid promspiration post is for those girls who want to be bright, bold and […]

Prom Clutch Essentials

Prom Clutch Essentials: It’s going to be a long and amazing night. Tons of pictures, the possibility of food being split, and all you have is your tiny clutch. So what do you bring with you in your prom clutch and what do you leave at home? Cell Phone (Fully charged) Lipstick Tide to go Floss Prom Ticket School ID Bobby Pins Cash Safety Pins Now, you may be wondering why you might need some […]

Sleek and Sexy Boho Prom Inspiration

sleek and sexy boho: Pulling off the sleek and sexy boho look for prom is everyone’s goal, am I right?? You want to not only wow your date, but obviously also everyone else there. Keep reading to get some awesome #prom2016 inspiration on how to get this look!         dress: Style 4702 is the perfect DRESS to achieve the sleek and sexy boho look. The formfitting skirt is perfect to show off your awesome […]

What Jewelry To Wear With What Neckline

What Jewelry To Wear With What Neckline: Necklines are tricky. Have you ever been stuck on what jewelry to wear with your prom dress? You found the most amazing dress, but it has a tricky neckline and you are not sure what necklace to pair with it. You want to make sure you have the perfect look for your special night, but sometimes it is hard to make your jewelry and dress compliment each other. […]

Bright and Bold Prom: Unique In Limade

We are talking about how to be bright and bold for your prom this year! Shine bright like a diamond! That’s what everyone says right?? This prom inspiration board will show you EXACTLY how to shine like a diamond for your prom and what to pair with this awesome dress. Style 2779 is a unique bold color that will definitely make you stand out. You will be unique in limade!!     The DRESS The most important […]