Elegant Bohemian Prom Inspiration

Elegant Bohemian Prom:

Prom is approaching faster than ever this year. With the 500 million different things us girls have to meticulously plan for this special night, it can get a little bit overwhelming! You have to remember the hair, makeup, nails, shoes, accessories, perfume, etc. We have all been in that exact position, and that is why we have created this elegant bohemian prom inspo for all you boho goddesses out there!




Style 4754 from the Clarisse 2016 Couture line is the perfect dress for achieving this look. It has a combination of different floral and eyelet fabrics with an amazing braided trim. Not to mention the formfitting silhouette that is sure to show off your amazing curves!


The second most important thing to think about, in my opinion, are the shoes!! You can never go wrong with an amazing pair of heels, and these nude lace pumps perfectly accentuate the nude lining in the dress.


There are about 1 million different ways you could style your makeup with dress style 4754. Whether you opt for a neutral, black smokey eye or a pop of color, this dress will go perfectly with either! We decided to style it with a rich, caramel eye shadow palette like this Bobbi Brown one that will for sure make your eyes pop, whatever color they may be! You can honestly never go wrong with caramel, brown shadows. We topped it off with a warm, nude pink lipstick, like this Marc Jacobs one. With a strong eye, it is best to keep your lips fairly neutral. You don’t want to take away from your natural beauty!!


Picking out jewelry for your prom dress can be tricky, you want it to add to your dress, not overpower it. If you are ever in a rut about what jewelry to wear, check out this pin from Clarisse’s Pinterest board that will basically save your life!

For this style inspiration, we decided to keep the jewelry simple since we want all the attention to be on your and the dress! We added a simple and elegant gold cuff and some tear drop earring. Check out these earrings and this gold cuff to get the look!


You can never forget about the nails! Although many girls sometimes put this on the back burned, they immediately regret it when a photo comes up and you can see their unpainted/chipped nails!! Trust me, my friends have been there and done that.

Pairing a neutral, nude color with this look was a no-brainer for us girls here at Clarisse. The color added to the elegance and flow of the whole look. Plus, nude nails are very on trend right now so we decided it was a great opportunity to take advantage of it!


Don’t ever leave your house without perfume on, especially for prom. Chanel has the BEST smelling perfume! t’s light, flowery, and really adds to the bohemian vibe of this dress! Plus, you want to smell good for your date, right?!?

What do you think of this elegant bohemian prom inspiration?? Would you try out this style for your prom? Let us know in the comments below!



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