What Jewelry To Wear With What Neckline

What Jewelry To Wear With What Neckline:

Necklines are tricky.

Have you ever been stuck on what jewelry to wear with your prom dress? You found the most amazing dress, but it has a tricky neckline and you are not sure what necklace to pair with it. You want to make sure you have the perfect look for your special night, but sometimes it is hard to make your jewelry and dress compliment each other.

Look no further than this post to help you! I will coach you through which jewelry to paid with your dresses neckline and ensure that you are looking seriously fabulous for your prom night!


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High Neckline:

Clarisse - What Jewelry To Wear With What Neckline - 2725

Bauble Bar: EarringsBracelet Set

High neck dresses are a huge trend this prom season and style 2725 is picture perfect. Making sure not to overwhelm the top half of the look can be tricky, because most of the details are in that area. This is why you MUST stay away from all necklaces when wearing a high neck. It will blend in and add chaos. Try adding a simple pair of earrings and keep the balance by adding a statement bracelet set or cuff.


Clarisse - What Jewelry To Wear With What Neckline - 2715

Bauble Bar: Bracelet, Necklace

Style 2715 is one of our most popular and classic dresses. Everyone loves a good strapless dress for prom, but many don’t know how to compliment their jewelry with the dress. Because the strapless top keeps your neckline free, you are able to add in an awesome statement necklace. **Keep in mind you want to keep the necklace short, so as to not get too close to the top of the dress, making it too crowded.**

Since you do have a detailed bodice and statement necklace, stay away from adding any earrings and keep everything else simple. To finish your look, throw on a simple and dainty bracelet to balance the look out.

Deep V-neck:

Clarisse - What Jewelry To Wear With What Neckline - 2728

Forever21: Cuff, Cocktail Ring

Dresses with deep v-necks are my favorites! Style 2728 has a sexy edge while still being classy and sophisticated. Adding jewelry can sometimes be difficult, because the deep v can trip you up. I usually like to say away from necklaces when wearing a v-neck. You already have the attention draw to your chest with the cut, so adding a bold or even dainty necklace can seem overdone. Instead of a necklace, try adding a statement cuff with a bold design and a statement cocktail ring. Both still give off some glam while keeping attention on the girl and the dress!

Scoop Neck/Sweetheart:

Clarisse - What Jewelry To Wear With What Neckline - 2718

Bauble Bar: Earrings, Necklace

Style 2718 is a bombshell of a dress, showing off your curves and making a huge statement. With a dress and neckline like this, keeping the jewelry simple is your key to success. The sweetheart neckline and scoop neckline are very similar, keep the necklaces short and simple and the earrings statement studs. Having anything too bold or ostentatious can overwhelm the look.


These few tips and tricks can help you stay away from some common faux pas when it comes to accessorizing and necklines. What do you think?? What kind of neckline are you wearing this prom and what jewelry have you decided to pair with it?? Let us know in the comments below!



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