Prom Clutch Essentials

Prom Clutch Essentials:

It’s going to be a long and amazing night. Tons of pictures, the possibility of food being split, and all you have is your tiny clutch. So what do you bring with you in your prom clutch and what do you leave at home?

  • Cell Phone (Fully charged)
  • Lipstick
  • Tide to go
  • Floss
  • Prom Ticket
  • School ID
  • Bobby Pins
  • Cash
  • Safety Pins

Now, you may be wondering why you might need some of these things? So, I’m going to walk you through each scenario where you might possibly need each of these products.


The first thing you need is obviously a super cute prom clutch. It all depends on what color and shape your dress us, but here are a few clutches that are versatile and fabulous.

  1. This Aldo one comes in Black, Silver, and Gold!!
  2. This ASOS box clutch is to die for!
  3. This Forever21 clutch is simple, sleek, and perfect for every dress! Plus it comes in black, cream, and tan!

Lipstick touch-up:

It’s the Friday afternoon of your prom. You just returned from the salon where you got your hair and makeup done. It’s about 3pm. You’re eating a little something before you get into your dress and head over to your friend’s house to take pictures at 4pm. You anticipate that pictures will last about an hour. You’ll have to be in the group photo, then each of your friends are going to want individual shots with you, and then finally the family shots. One with mom, one with dad, one with mom and dad, one with grandma, one with grandpa, one with grandma and grandpa, and so one. You get the idea. It’s going to be a long hour. In this hour your lipstick is likely to wear off so of course you’re going to need that in your prom clutch. Check out some of my favorite lippes from Tarte, Kat Von D, and of course, Mac!

Tide To Go:

Now that the pictures are all done, your friend’s mom has laid out a huge buffet for everyone. Even though you ate a snack two hours ago, after standing for an hour you are starving. You go straight for a cheeseburger. But of course mom, being paranoid, makes you a bib that goes from the top of your dress to just past your knees. She’s more worried then you are about getting a stain on your dress. So, you inhale that burger, take your bib off and stand up. Unfortunately you forgot to fully wipe your hands off and you run your fingers along the side of your dress and instantly there’s a ketchup stain. Your mom freaks out and grabs the Tide To Go out of your bag. Luckily the stain didn’t have time to set in and comes out immediately, leaving your dress looking brand new.


You survived the stain and are now in the limo on the way to prom. Jimmy, whose parents paid for the party bus, asks everyone for twenty dollar to tip the driver. This is where the cash comes into play. You have twenty dollars for the drivers tip and twenty dollars left over. That extra money is in case of an emergency. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

School ID, ticket, lipstick, and bobby pins:

Finally you arrive at prom. You check in, showing your school ID and handing in your prom ticket. You and your date check your coats and proceed towards the ballroom. Uh oh, the prom photographer is taking more pictures, so you grab your lipstick out of your prom clutch. You’re phone buzzes and of course it’s mom making sure you got there safely. You text her back reassuring her you are safe and sound. Just as your turn is up to take pictures with the photographer you glance in a mirror across the room. A large piece of hair is dangling from your up-do, but you don’t panic. You pull out a bobby pin from your prom clutch and quickly pin up the piece of hair.


Pictures are taken and you are on your way into the ballroom. Instantly you head over to your prom group who you had lost in all the hustle and bustle of check in. Some appetizers are going around and you don’t hesitate to take a few. Then you and your girls hit the dance floor. Suddenly one of your friends has to go to the bathroom so of course you all have to go. There’s safety in numbers. You enter the bathroom, prom clutch in hand, and walk straight up to the mirror and smile. It turns out those delicious appetizers you ate left a little something green behind in your teeth. Well it’s a good thing you brought floss.

Safety pins:

Ahh good as new, and you and your friends are back on the dance floor. Unfortunately, this time around one of your friends tried to drop it a little too low and ripped one of the straps off of her dress. Thank goodness you brought those safety pins in your prom clutch! You were not only your own hero but you also saved your friend and her straps.

This is actually exactly how my prom night went, but I had everything on the list in my prom clutch. Now hopefully your prom night won’t go like mine, but if any one of those incidents does happen, with this checklist, you won’t have any problem taking on whatever obstacle you’re faced with.


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