Prom Makeup Dupes: Splurge vs Steal

Well, beauties, it’s that time we have all been waiting for!! Prom is ALMOST here for some and already here for others! That means it’s time to start thinking about your prom makeup! This is the best¬†part in my opinion ūüėČ Now I don’t know if you’re anything like us ladies at Clarisse;¬†but we LOVE watching makeup tutorials on Youtube. Normal people binge watch Netflix, we binge watch¬†Nicol Concilio¬†and Jaclyn Hill.¬† In today’s post, we are going to share with you some A-MAZING prom makeup dupes that will help you achieve those same jaw dropping gorgeous looks from our fave youtube beauty gurus; but at HALF the cost! The products we are sharing with you are all from our all time favorite¬†drugstore brand NYX;¬†and these products will make a perfect makeup look for just about any prom dress so get ready to take some notes!

***Note: This post is pretty long so feel free to skip around! We labeled everything so you can just read the products you’re most interested in!

1. Moisturizer/Primer Makeup Dupes

So first and foremost we have your primer or moisturizer. The reason we use a primer or a moisturizer is so your makeup has something to stick to. We love primers that do something for your skin so we LOVE using Smashbox’s Photo Finish Hydrating Foundation Primer when we feel like splurging on our primer! (This is the same primer¬†Nicol Concilio uses BTW) Smashbox also¬†has a ton of primers that give your skin a little something extra like color correcting. When you’re loving this primer but are a little short on cash (which is like always for us), then you are going to want to reach for NYX’s Hydra Touch Primer! You get all the same things you love about the Smahbox formula but at a price that doesn’t make your wallet cry. And like Smashbox, NYX has a ton of primers that actually do something for your skin! You can check out the Smashbox formulas HERE and the NYX formulas HERE!

2. Color Correcting Makeup Dupes

If you’ve been on any beauty brand’s or blogger’s social media, then you know alllll¬†about that color correcting craze that is going on right about now. Pretty much every beauty brand known to man kind is doing some sort of color correcting. You have brands who have primers, sticks, CC creams and palettes for all of your color correcting needs. The minute I saw Tarte’s Instagram post¬†I headed straight to their website and saw those two little words: LIMITED EDITION! And just like that, I was like “I MUST HAVE THIS!”, and then proceeded to buy the $45 dollar palette (along with the limited edition pot liner in Cobalt, but we’ll pretend that didn’t happen lol). If you don’t want to drop that $45’s on a craze you aren’t sure about, then you can try out color correcting with the NYX Color Correcting Palette.¬†Both palettes give you equal quality for all of your color correcting needs!

Tip: Do all of your color correcting before your foundation. You might see some of the color you used to hide your dark circles after you apply the foundation. No worries!! That will be covered when we use our under eye concealer! :)


3. Foundation Makeup Dupes

When it comes to your foundation for prom night, you might want to go¬†with something that has a little more coverage because of all those photos you are going to be taking. And we want you beauties to look FLAWLESS! When I want a full coverage foundation (especially when I’m¬†having small breakouts) I reach for Makeup Forever’s Ultra HD Foundation. This stuff can work miracles, but it definitely isn’t working any miracles on your wallet. So, if you want that same great HD finish to your skin, go ahead and try NYX’s High Definition Foundation.¬†$18 hurts way less than $43. I also like to keep around the NYX version because I don’t always need that full coverage look and spending $43 on something I’m not going to use all the time doesn’t make sense.


Tip: Use a damp Beauty Blender for all of your blending!! They are our fave!! Don’t want to splurge on a Beauty Blender?? Try out this Teardrop Blending Sponge from NYX instead!

4. Under -Eye Concealer Dupe

So after we lay down our foundation you are going to want to use your under eye concealer. When it comes to concealing the under eye you want a lighter coverage. You don’t want anything too thick because then it’s going to cake¬†and flake on you. Go for wands for the under eye area or a stick coverup. So the two I use and love for covering my under eye area is the Urban Decay Concealer Wand and the NYX Hd Photogenic Conceal Wand. The thing I love the most about both of these concealers is that they have high coverage but they are weightless and don’t cake on you.

If you want to go and cover those pesky pimples, go and use the concealing shades from your color correcting palette! Both the Tarte and NYX palette have shades that you can mix to get that perfect shade! The formula from the color correcting palettes has a thicker formula so this is perfect for pimples! And why buy more concealer when you can just use your palette?? And you can have more money to spend on some other makeup goodies!

5. Makeup Setting Powder Dupe

After you apply that concealer to your under eye area you are going to want to set it. Setting your under eye makeup is going to save your life. Trust me. You won’t have it caking or sweating off from all that dancing. My serious all time favorite translucent power is Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Setting Powder. The name Laura Mercier just makes me feel so fancy I can’t help but splurge on this product every now and then. This stuff is great for setting makeup or “baking” your makeup. Normally I try and snag her products off of QVC. When I can’t do that, I grab the next best thing, and that is the NYX Studio Finishing Powder.¬†You might be thinking, “Those don’t look the same??”, but they¬†both work great! Sometimes I even find myself reaching for the NYX powder more because it doesn’t have talc in it. For some reason me and talc do not get along sometimes so even though I personally love the Laura Mercier powder, it does’t love me. You can either just set your under eye makeup with this powder or your entire face. If you plan on doing any contouring with liquid or cream based makeup, hold off on setting that until after you blend all of that in.

3. Highlight & Contouring Dupe

Speaking of contouring, next up we have my favorite palettes. When I want to go for a more natural contour and not so chiseled, I like to use powder. To me it’s not only easier but it’s not as intense and time consuming. If you want to go for an intense look, use the darker shades from your color correcting kit and then use these powders to not only set in that cream base, but to intensify your contour even more. You can do the same for your highlight but using the lighter shade.

So to break down these two kits listed above we have the Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette¬†from Sephora. This palette is so awesome! You have 3 contouring colors and 3 highlighting colors to give you you’re perfect shade. You can also use the Lyric color to bake¬†your under eye cover up and what every else you need to! If you don’t feel like spending the $46 on something you don’t think you’re going to use all the time you are going to want the NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette. You may be looking at this and thinking, “Well those trays look a lot smaller…”. Have no fear! NYX sells replaceable trays! You can get a perfect highlight and contour every time! Find the replacement trays HERE!

7. Blush Dupe

After you¬†do your contouring you¬†are going to want to add in your blush. With blush there are 2 types you can go with, cream based/stains or powder. I personally love both and use different types depending on the weather! When it comes time for warmer weather I like using stains and cream based blush. When I want something that can be done fast and easy, or when it’s colder, then I use my powder. My top choice for blush stains are always Benefit’s Lip and Cheek Stains! They are super light and there are so many colors to choose from! The 3 colors shown are only some of the amazing options!¬†And they always seem to be coming up with new color options! If you don’t feel like splurging on these Benefit cheek and lip stains, then you are going to want NYX’s Whipped Lip & Cheek Souffle.


When it comes to a powder blush I just love anything ombre! Ombre blushes add a little more dimension to the cheeks than your standard powder blush. You also get 2-3 blushes for the price of one! You can then mix the multiple shades or use them individually depending on how you feel that day! My normal go to ombre blush is by Too Faced Cosmetics called Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush! I love this brand’s ombre blushes because you get 3 gorgeous shades that can work for multiple things! You can swirl all three, use them as individual blushes, use them for highlighting or you can even use them as eyeshadows! The closest ombre blush that we’ve come to love from NYX is their Ombre Blush Powder! They come in a variety of shades from bold pinks and oranges to more subdued peachy shades! You can swirl these gorgeous hues or use them individually like the Too Faced ones! NYX also has way more shades to choose from than the Too Faced Brand so you really can’t wrong!

8. Eyebrows

I personally like to do my eyebrows after all of my face makeup. But I’ll be honest, it’s mainly because I always forget to do them first. Whoops! When it comes to eyebrows I like using a pencil because it’s the easiest. I also really like the sculpting duos because I don’t need to worry about having two different products. It’s already in one! My mom has the Clinque Instant Brow Lift Pencils¬†¬†and I would always borrow them. When I was in target one day I happened to come across the NYX Sculpt & Highlight Brow Contour and I fell in love! I love this so much more than the Clinque one! I normally use the lighter shade for my eye brows, but they say you should use a color that matches your brow for the end of your brows and then for the beginning of your brows¬†use a shade that is one to two shades lighter so it’s not as heavy.

9. Eye Primer Dupe

Whether you do your eye makeup before your foundation routine or after, you need a good eye primer to get the job done! Again, I ALWAYS forget to do my eyes first, and I also seem to mess it up when doing my face makeup. But, you want an eye primer for the same reason you use a face primer, you want your eye shadow to have something to stick to. This also helps it last longer! So you will look flawless all night long and look like a movie start in photos from the start of the night all the way to the end!

Over the years I have used a number of eyeshadow primers and could never really find a dupe for any of them. Then I came across NYX’s Proof It! Water Proof Eyeshadow Primer.¬†This stuff works just as good, maybe even better, than the NARS’ Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base! But you guys can be the judge ;).

TIP: Make sure you set your eye shadow primer with a translucent powder! See section 5 for our faves!


10. Eye Shadow Dupe

As we mentioned in the beginning, we wanted to give you guys a look that will work with every dress! When it comes to neutral eye popping shadows, I always tend to gravitate towards my Too Faced The Chocolate Bar Palette. Not only do you get amazing pigment from this palette, but it seriously smells like chocolate! It’s too die for!! If you don’t feel like spending the $49 on that palette, then you are going to want the NYX Dream Catcher Palette in Dusk Till Dawn. Check out the shades below to create an amazing Neutral Smokey look!

11. Eyeliner Dupe

To finish off those gorgeous sultry eyes, we are going to create a black cat! When drawing a cat eye I prefer anything that’s in a pot because it’s easier to draw for me personally. Some people prefer the liquid eyeliner but I just love Tarte’s Clay Pot Waterproof Liners! They come in so many colors and are waterproof! When I don’t want to shell out the $21 a great option is the NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner. This stuff is A-MAZING!!! It dries matte and is also waterproof! Some people tend to de disappointed when they first look at but once you swatch this little beauty just watch as it dries up into a beautiful matte dream! And ladies when they say black, they mean black! Not grayish black like some of those higher end makeup brands!

12. Mascara Dupe

If you don’t plan on wearing some falsies, before you put you mascara on I recommend an eyelash primer. I never used an eyelash primer until a few years ago and boy do I wish I started sooner! Eyelash primers are seriously the bomb! Every time I use one I get SO many compliments on my lashes! Sometimes people will even ask me if I’m wearing falsies! So my number one love for eyelash primers has to go to Tarte’s Opening Act Lash Primer. I ran out of this stuff once and everyone was sold out and I nearly cried. That’s how much I love this stuff! But because of that moment I decided to take a look at what NYX had to offer and low and behold I found NYX’s Big & Loud Lash Primer! When I found this stuff it was as if angels started singing!

So even if you do wind up¬†wearing falsies, you may want to¬†still put on a coat or 2 of mascara so your lashes match the falsies. Just make sure it dries before you apply them! I don’t know about you guys, but I do love me some Marc Jacobs Beauty products, and they have one of my favorite mascaras! I personally love it because of the skinny wand; it allows you to hit those bottom lashes with ease and his prices tend to be pretty reasonable for the name! The name of his mascara is called the Ultra Skinny Lash Discovering Mascara. When I don’t feel like splurging on the Marc Jacobs one, I pick up NYX’s The Skinny Mascara! It has everything I love about the Marc Jacob’s one but comes at half the cost!

13. Lashes Dupe

To finish off our gorgeous eyes we have our falsies! This step is 100% optional. False eyelashes can be super annoying and complicated to put on. I remember being forced to wear them for all of my dance recitals and hated it! Now that I am older and have more practice at it, I LOVE Huda Beauty’s Faux Mink Lashes in Farah! Her brand of eyelashes are so fun and really make your eyes pop! When I don’t want to spend money on falsies and just want a cheap easy go to pair, I tend to grab NYX’s Wicked Lashes in Vixen. I mean just the name makes you feel so much sexier! The beauty gurus recommend using tweezers to apply them and it makes life so much easier! Also make sure to allow the glue to be come tacky. You can blow on it and wait 40-50 seconds!

14. Lip Dupe

When it comes to hoarding makeup, I also hoard anything that has to do with the lips! I just can’t get enough! I could seriously have 25 shades of lipsticks and I’ll still buy more…yes I know, I have a problem lol But my fave type of lip gloss is the lip plumping kind! You get nice full lips that are only temporary and even though some people don’t like the tingly feeling I love it! The brand I always grab for plumping is Buxom and I can’t get enough of their shade Bellini-Fresh Nectar! It’s gorgeous! And gives just the right amount of color! When I don’t feel like heading all the way to the may or ordering it online, I run down to my local drug store or Target and snag NYX’s Lip Plumper in Kim-Peach! It’s seriously the same thing! You can’t go wrong with either!

15. Makeup Setting Spray Dupe

Matte Finish

We have come to the last section of our dupes list!! And that last step is the Makeup Setting Spray! There are 2 kinds of finishes, Matte and Dewy! I have naturally oily skin so depending on how oily my skin is I will opt for a more of a matte finish to control those oily patches! I’ve only ever used the free sample from Urban Decay called De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spay. I received the free sample from them a long time ago and then was able to snag another one from a friend and I love it! Especially for those hot summer days! It’s cooling and smells A-MAZING! I literally just ran out of this stuff and I’m dying inside. But! I was in Target the other day and wandered into the makeup isle (as always) and saw that NYX has a Matte Makeup Setting Spray! I’ve only been able to try it out for a few days but so far I am loving it!! If I’m having a good money week maybe I’ll take the plunge and buy the Urban Decay one, but for now I’m sticking with NYX!

If you have skin that tends to be on the dry side, or you want that sexy dewy finish to your skin you are going to want a makeup setting spray with a dewy finish. Now, I personally have never used a finishing spray with a dewy finish, but my mom has and she love the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist! But my mom was in Target with me the day we found the Matte Finishing Spray I saw they had they had a Dewy Finish as well, so I sort of made my mom buy because she hasn’t bought another bottle of her Tatcha and is always complaining about not being able to get that dewy finish she loves! So if you want something to give you that sexy dewy finish at more than half the cost, grab NYX’s Dewy Makeup Setting Spray and you’re all set!


Well ladies, whether you’re looking for some drugstore dupes to give you a fabulous prom look, or you already had prom and are just looking for some dupes for your everyday use, you are sure to find what you are looking for with NYX! This is not a sponsored post, we just seriously love this brand and think they have some of the best drugstore dupes around!! Have any of you used any of these products before? Let us know what you think! Or tell us what your fave drugstore dupes you love!!


If you haven’t had prom yet have an amazing time! And be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some new posts!




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