Prom Tips Series: #2

Prom Tips Series

Prom Tips:

Hey Beauties!! It is time for our second post in the prom tips series! Here are 5 more essential prom tips that will help you get through the day and night without any problems!

#1 Break in your heels before wearing them

This is so very important! Having blisters for prom is the absolute worst! Avoid this sticky situation by breaking in your heels before wearing them. Below are a few tips that you can try:

  1. Two weeks before the big day, try walking around in your heels for an hour each day. This will get your feet used to the heels and mold the heels to your feet.
  2. If you are a little crunched for time, throw on a pair of thick socks and then put on your heels. Grab your hairdryer and blow dry them with hot air! This will help the shoes expand! While they are still hot, flex and bend them to break them in. Wear them while they are cooling to help mold them to your feet!


Clarisse - Prom - Tips - Series - #2


3. Try some Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin! I swear this stuff works for everything! Wherever the shoes are hurting you, place the moleskin there and then soak your feet. Dry them off, then put your heels back on. The moleskin will expand and create a slight bulge in the heel. Wear them around for as long as possible to loosen up the trouble spots.


Clarisse - Prom - Tips - Series - #2


#2 Try out both hair and makeup looks before the big night

This is also another super important tip! Trying out both your hair and makeup before the big night is important. There is always that chance that you get ready and you end up hating both your hair and makeup. Trying it out the week, or even the night, beforehand will ensure that you know you like it and there are no surprises!


Clarisse - Prom - Tips - Series - #2


#3 Bring extra bobby pins!!

Bring extra bobby pins is not only a must, but its a super smart move! With all the commotion of taking pictures, eating, and dancing, your hair might let you down. Having extra bobby pins will allow you to make a quick fix of any fallen pieces!

Clarisse - Prom - Tips - Series - #2


#4 Apply deodorant to the sides and back of your feet

If breaking in your heels beforehand didn’t exactly work out, this is a great quick fix for those annoying blisters. Apply some deodorant to the sides of your feet and your heel to get rid of the friction then go back dance the night away!


#5 Get the perfect winged liner

The struggle all girls deal with. It really is not as easy as the beauty gurus and bloggers make it out to be! Its prom night and nothing can fall short of perfection, even eyeliner. Use a piece of scotch tape to create that perfectly straight line and avoid any errors.

Try out my favorite liquid eyeliner: Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Clarisse - Prom - Tips - Series - #2


Honestly, you can never have enough tips and tricks when it comes to prom. So many different things can go wrong and having a fix for (almost) all of them will help you have a worry free and awesome night!

Let me know in the comments below if you would try out any of these tips! Also, keep check backing for our next Prom Tips Series posts!


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